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Writing a positive review about your office is my pleasure.  Between all the dealings I have had with healthcare offices as a patient and professionally in business, this is the SMOOTHEST MACHINE running!!!!  Every single person was cordial, clean and neat, professional and knowledgeable!!!!  Oh, and timely!  Aidan is doing well and so far no complaints. I think if you guys ever go out of the ortho biz you could sell franchises of “Educate Your Employees, Ltd.”  And then the fact that the couple who run the place are an adorable couple….come on, is this for real?!  Wonderful place, wonderful people, oh and your patients are pretty cool too. : )

– Jana A.

This is what customer service should look like. I had multiple phone conversations with a couple of different people before my son had his first appointment there and every single person was accommodating and downright nice to deal with. Our first appointment was no different. We were greeted enthusiastically (even though I had forgotten my paperwork–they didn’t make me feel bad like some places), given a quick tour and promptly waited on. In this era of bad customer service all around, I’ve lowered my expectations of what to expect from companies and service providers. But at Hurley and Volk Orthodontics, I was actually delightfully surprised! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for an orthodontist. For a pleasant change, I actually feel good about spending our money with them.

– Jalen E.

Hurley/Volk is a great place geared for kids, as well as, adults. The staff is very friendly and professional. My daughter just started the whole process and she was made to feel at ease. She is so excited! What a fantastic team!

– Anonymous

Dr. Volk, Dr. Hurley, and their staff are amazing! The family-oriented office makes you feel comfortable from the very first day. You will appreciate the individual attention you receive from the Doctors at EACH visit!   Another thing I loved about the office was that it managed to remain on time!!

– Julie Nielsen

We feel like we are part of a “family” practice. Everyone takes care of my daughter the way they would their own.

– Cindy Placko

Although I had braces when I was a teenager, my teeth started moving soon thereafter and by the time that I got engaged, they were in complete disarray. Since my ideal wedding day didn’t include pictures with crooked teeth, I contacted Dr. Volk and Hurley for a consultation. The Doctors worked with me to create a schedule to correct my problems in time for the big day. From the moment I stepped foot in the office, throughout all of my appointments everyone in the office was amazing. The work was performed with delicacy and precision. As my teeth began to change and my wedding day approached it was fun to share my joy with the Doctors and staff. When the big day arrived, my teeth looked beautiful and I received so many compliments that it was easy to keep smiling. Thanks for helping me have the perfect wedding day!

– Cori Trautvetter

My oldest daughter completed her orthodontic treatment six months ago and has a beautiful smile! Her sister has just started treatment and I can’t wait to see the transformation. Would definitely recommend this practice to everyone!

– April Finn

As an adult patient, I was really nervous, but really excited at the same time. Dr. Volk and Hurley were awesome. They explained each process thoroughly and honestly and truly made me feel like I was the most important patient. I love my amazing new smile!! Thanks, you are miracle workers!

– Sara Kopf

Every time we come in the office we have pleasant people greeting us with a smile. We had an opportunity to pick another office for orthodontics, but we chose this office, because it’s clean, sanitary, and they have up-to-date technology. They are good hearted people who try their best to fit our budget and fulfill our needs. Dr. Volk is very friendly and so are all the employees. All they do is under control and told to parents before and after the visit. I really like how they give glasses to patients, so the light does not shine in their eyes. Also, the friendly appointment reminders come to my phone, which is super helpful. Thank you for having such a unique and special office. My daughter really likes it.

– Roza Chernov

I had the privilege of receiving care from both Dr. Volk and Dr. Hurley during my time in braces. I always felt completely comfortable and well informed. They have built a professional yet very friendly staff and environment, making the normally intimidating ortho experience quite enjoyable. I still look in the mirror and am amazed at the work they did for me and the difference my braces made. I will continue to drive through traffic from downtown Chicago to have any treatments completed by Dr. Volk and Dr. Hurley.

– Nick Tomczak

Everyone in the office is very knowledgeable and helpful. It is a pleasure to come see the orthodontist! Who ever thought they would say those words!

– Janet Rife

We cannot say enough wonderful things about the Doctors and the terrific office staff. We consulted elsewhere initially and easily decided on this team. Everyone is so professional and they stress excellent communication and friendliness with warmth. The office is run so efficiently and we love the beautiful work!

– Carla F.

Everyone is so nice and patient with my son! They are understanding.

– Lori H.

My daughter is smiling with confidence now. She is very diligent about what she needs to do to get her braces off, because the staff is so supportive. The staff always greets us with a smile. A great atmosphere!

– Debbie

Dr. Hurley is friendly and caring towards his patients. I feel comfortable coming here and if I have a wire sticking out or some other issues, they take care of it immediately. In fact, Dr. Hurley opened the office one day just for me for an emergency I had with my chain.

– Gabby

The staff here are very nice, very welcoming and accommodating.

We are seeing quick progress with my teeth. I would highly recommend coming here.

– Peighton S.

The Doctors are great! Always friendly and encouraging to the kids.

– Kathy

The techs and Doctors are very friendly and caring. The office staff is very friendly too. I would recommend this office in a heartbeat!

– Susan

We’re at the beginning stages of treatment for our girls. So far, so great! The entire staff has been fantastic, explaining everything thoroughly, and always friendly.

– Suzanne Hensley

This office has been the best experience for me with braces. They are professional, courteous, well informed and make a trip to the doctor for teeth, a pleasure. Getting braces at 41 was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

– Charles S.

I was very anxious about feeling out of place in an orthodontic office. The warm, friendly and caring staff always made me feel at ease and genuinely seemed as though they were all interested in my treatment and progress.

– Allison Spaitis